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Founder Bio

MGHTYI Foundation, Inc. was founded by Mr. Timothy Whitt, who was born and raised in the West Baltimore community of Edmondson Village.   After graduating from Edmondson High school in 1979,       Mr. Whitt continued his education at the University of Maryland, College Park campus, where he earned     a B.S.  in Political Science.

At the University of Maryland, Mr. Whitt was the Black Student Union President and the receiver of community service awards from the NAACP and the Nyumburu (Freedom House) Cultural Center.            He later attended George Washington University where he acquired two masters’ degrees in Special Education and Academic Administration.   After graduating from the George Washington University, he worked as a special education teacher for 9 years, in Washington, D.C. public schools.  Mr. Whitt currently works as a Special Education teacher in Prince George’s county, Maryland.

While working as a Special Education teacher in Washington, D.C., Mr. Whitt saw first hand the on-going deterioration of the academic performance of children in the inner-city and the chronic problems of crime, social irresponsibility, and economic poverty.  MGHTYI Foundation, Inc. was formed to be a force for qualitative and constructive change. 

During his years of education, Mr. Whitt also pursued extracurricular activities by joining the Dennis Brown Shaolin Wu Shu Training Center.  He has been a member of the training center for 20 years and has earned the rank of Shifu, as a 4th degree Black Belt in Kung Fu.


Peace and blessings to any individual whom may have found their way to our website either by the grace of God, curiosity, or by direction.  My name is Timothy Whitt, founder of MGHTYI, Inc. a community-based organization dedicated to helping the larger society.

Let me explain to you why MGHTYI, Inc. was established.  I am a Special Education teacher in Prince George's County, and for those of you who do not know, Prince George's is part of the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia metropolitan area.  Prince George's County is predominantly African-American in its ethnic make-up.  It is recognized as being one of the most affluent African-American communities in the whole United States.

Prior to teaching in Prince George's County, I taught special needs children in Washington, D.C. for 10 years.  During my 10 years of teaching in Washington, D.C. and now in the Prince George's County school system, I have come to realize a truth that many of us already know.  Our children need more help in the areas of academics and life skills because the cycle of poverty and death continues.  In Washington, D.C., and Prince George's County despite the hype of success and affluence our children, especially African-American children, are performing at a substandard level in all areas of human endeavor.

The causes for the substandard performance are many, in brief, they reflect the overall socio-economic and cultural conditions faced by African-Americans, Latinos, and poor people in general.  Did you know that African-American males make-up the majority of the countries special education population?  Did you know that African-American males represent the highest group of school drop-outs in the country, the highest number of incarcerated individuals by ethnicity, and continue to lack positive images in their lives? 

The list of statistics are available for everyone to see:  single parent homes, poverty, drugs, crime, irresponsible adults, and a lack of knowledge and understanding as to the value of education which is the cornerstone of human liberty and advancement.  We live in a society and world where young people are bombarded with the glorification of violence.  Their communities are plagued with drugs, gangs, crime, hopelessness, poverty, ignorance, uncertainty, and manipulation.  It is a world for young people, where the tried and true cultural values are everywhere on the retreat and consequently there is an on-going breakdown in the mores of society.

MGHTYI, Inc. was founded for these reasons.  It is one way of contributing to the elimination of the above stated social ills.  MGHTYI, Inc. is a community-based organization, that offers academic tutoring in the areas of reading, reading comprehension, math, and social studies to the young people of our community.  We also offer a mentoring program that is designed to connect our young people with adults who care and who can make a positive impact in their lives. 

We are determined to make our contribution to the redemption of our youth, therefore your support is needed financially, materially, and morally.  Please help us strengthen the community one child at a time, by making a some type of financial donation to our/your righteous cause.  Remember the words of Marcus Garvey, "The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself, but the ends your serve for all in common will take you into eternity."   Like most youth development organizations, we can use all the support, both financially and physically, that we can get to help the youth in our community succeed.  Please help us strengthen the community one child at a time by making a contribution.

Thank you.